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Lilac Hearts Happy Birthday Card

Lilac Hearts
Lilac Hearts Card
Lilac Hearts

Happy Birthday Card with Lilac Hearts

Lilac Hearts Card

– This card has a diamond shape background and has two colors, white and lilac. It also has two diamond brooches on left and right sides. The diamond brooches have many diamonds and have been designed in the shape of flowers. There are eight hearts drawing in various sizes, on the middle of the birthday card. Also two words in white-lilac colors take place on the lilac hearts: “Happy Birthday”.

My Wishes for Your Birthday

Here I am wishing you a happy birthday! I hope you like this card with Lilac Hearts. Have a perfect birthday party. May your special day become as beautiful as the lilac flowers. You might be dreaming of having a new diamond brooch, earrings, or solitaire diamond rings. So, I am wishing that this birthday brings you the most beautiful earrings, rings and brooches of the world. If you want to have jewelry in new fashion, I wish this dream to be real soon. You should never get sad to your heart that is precious like jewelery. I hope your friends also will appreciate this jeweled birthday card. I’m wishing you a colorful birthday like colorful heart pictures, and colorful flowers.

My Wishes Birthday Messages

You are a blessing on our lives. You give us so much joy and happines. I am endlessly glad to have you in my have. Even when I am not there, right next to you, you are in my heart and thoughts. I hope your birthday party today will be the best party ever. Dance, sing, and laugh! Reach for the stars and beyond. Have a wonderful birthday and get all that you wish today, whatever they are. Then after your birthday keep being gifted and have the biggest luck on the world.
Have Lilac Hearts and Dimonds everyday. Happy Birthday!

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