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Blue Cake Happy Birthday Card

Blue Cake Happy Birthday Card for celebrating
Blue Cake Happy Birthday Card Images

Blue Cake Happy Birthday Card

About the Blue Cake Happy Birthday Card

– On this page, you can see out Blue Cake Happy Birthday Card. This colorful card is made with an abstract background. This background has a long curving stripes with various colors. They almost look like semi-transparent ribbons. On the right side of the card, we see two words that are written with 3D letters. These words are “Happy Birthday”. And the letters of these words are colored differently from their neighbor letters. The left side of the card shows us a illustration of a nice birthday cake. Placed on a golden cake stand, the birthday cake is a chocolate cake with blue colored frosting on it. There are also circle and star shaped sugar decorations around the cake. And there is a single birthday candle placed at the center on the cake.

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