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Happy Birthday Carys

Happy Birthday Carys Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Carys Personalized Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Carys Card Images

Happy Birthday Carys Personalized Card

Happy birthday to you Carys! I wish you a very special day, sending this Happy Birthday Carys personalized card to you. Dear Carys, I wish you a bright and beautiful day on your special day. This named card was specially designed for Carys’s birthday.

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Carys Name Meaning & History

GENDER: Feminine. USAGE: Welsh. PRONOUNCED: KAHR-is. Derived from Welsh caru meaning “love”. This is a relatively modern Welsh name, in common use only since the middle of the 20th century. — Carys is a Welsh feminine given name, formed from the stem of the Welsh vocabulary word caru, “to love”. This is comparable to the similar name Cheryl which like Carys also appeared circa 1900 and is a combination of Cherie (The French form of Cara which means “precious” in Latin and is cognate to Welsh “câr”) and the +yl suffix common in trendy early 20th century names such as Meryl and Beryl. Famous bearers of the name include: Carys Bannister (1935–2010) British neurosurgeon, Carys Parry (born 1981) Welsh hammer thrower, Carys Hawkins (born 1988) Welsh-born Australian football player, Carys Zeta Douglas (born 2003) daughter of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and American actor Michael Douglas. (Wikip.)

About the Happy Birthday Carys Name Card

This is a personalized birthday card with the name Carys, many named cards take place on this website. This is really an elegant birthday e-card for the persons whose name is Carys. I wish you have a very special day and a wonderful birthday party with yummy cakes. Your friends will like this beautiful birthday card with Happy Birthday Carys Personalized Card theme. On this site, you can also find birthday cards and birthday gift ideas for other names outside Carys. I hope that you like this elegant Happy Birthday Carys Personalized Card.

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