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Happy Halloween Horror Gate

Happy Halloween Horror Gate Card
Happy Halloween Horror Gate Equivalents
Happy Halloween Horror Gate Images

Halloween Horror

Halloween Greetings to you, with this “Happy Halloween Horror Gate” card. There is a magic at night when the Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkins shine in the moonlight. If the broom fits, drive; eat, drink and be scary. I’m a scary witch most of the time. I post you this “Happy Halloween Horror Gate” e-card to wish a great Halloween to you. This is a special day to have fun, wear costumes, get presents, give gifts, have a party and go on travel or short trips to see interesting places.

Description of the “Halloween Horror” Card

The main element of this design is the creepy-looking gate that covers the entire card. A wall made of coarse stones and a door made of stone looks scary enough in the dark. When we add iron railings and other accessories to it, it takes courage to pass through this gate. On the right side of the picture are an old water pump and a garden lantern with a pale light. On the left is a barrel, a pumpkin, and a Jack-o-Lantern.

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