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Mice Singing Happy Birthday To You Video

Mice Singing Happy Birthday To You

You see two cartoon mice in this video. These two mice are singing a Happy Birthday song for you. They also bring a piece of cheese as a birthday gift. The funny birthday greetings video animation was cartoon mice singing the birthday song Happy Birthday to you and a funny dance. You can send this short (20 seconds) birthday video greeting to your friends. I hope this funny birthday song video brings you a smile. The video is published by Irina Druzhinina Youtube channel. We are showing it to you here by using its provided embed codes. This funny video can make it easier for you to send your birthday message to your loved one on their birthday. You can send it by sharing this video on their Facebook wall.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

You are the most special person the earth today. Because today is your day. Since this day gave us someone as special as you are, you should celebrate it all around the world. At least everyone who knows you should throw a party and make sure that you are happy. Make a list of your biggest wishes today, and let’s make them real together. You can run towards the beautiful future, and just enjoy your life after today. But today is just to have fun. So, Happy Birthday to you!

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