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Enjoy the Journey of Life, Happy Birthday

Enjoy the Journey of Life

Life Journey

Life is a great journey, and I wish you enjoy the journey of life. Let it be a parade of good things and happiness. Taste them all, and live them to the fullest. I chose this “the journey of life” video to congratulate you on your birthday. This “the journey of life” birthday video, which has an unusual design, is designed for those who love different things.

About The Journey of Life Video

the journey of life - 2
The video, which begins with the firing image of a space shuttle, seems to create a link between space travel and life travel concepts. The space shuttle takes off with flames and rises into the sky. Then, after a space image, the earth sphere comes into view. The three-dimensional “Happy Birthday” words come to the front of the globe and begin to dance in accordance with the music. Although it’s a birthday greeting video, an animation that looks like a space movie credits begin. Later, the three-dimensional scripts leave their places and are replaced by the birthday wish message: “Your life is just about to pick up speed and blast off into the stratosphere. So, wear a seat belt and enjoy the journey of life.” When these wish writings disappear, the globe of the earth moves and rotates closer, “meanwhile it turns into a big cake. There are a lot of strawberries on it. When the frame expands and the cake shrinks, we realize that it is a chocolate cake. The text “Happy Birthday”, which had previously danced in front of the world globe, begins to dance in front of this cake this time.

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