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Happy Birthday French Version Song – Joyeux Anniversaire

Happy Birthday French Version Song

Birthday French Video

– I want a happy birthday for you, sending this video-card named Birthday French Song Version. Wish you a happy birthday full of joy! This Happy Birthday French Version video contains an upbeat-tempo birthday song in French. Also, very nice pictures accompany the song throughout the video.

My Wishes for Your Birthday French

This video offers us a hip-hop remixed cover of the famous Happy Birthday song, in French. If you speak French, or just like how it sounds, you may like this video. If you want to make a trip to see beautiful places, perhaps Paris, on your birthday… I wish your dream to be true soon, with fantastic travel. I know you love to do flight, so I wish you to travel in the most modern aircraft, and make the comfiest plane trips. If you like to do winter sports, I wish a holiday in the world’s most beautiful ski resorts to you. You also like summer sports, thus I wish you to take vacations to the most beautiful beaches, and most luxurious Aqua park pools in the world.

Birthday SMS Messages

I hope you like this French Version birthday video. You have always been someone who knows how to have fun. Today is the day to use this skill. It is your most special day, your birthday! Have the most fun today, more than what you have all year. Get together with your family, and your friends. Seeing your joy makes us all happy. Relax your mind to have only good thoughts in your head. You should only have smiles on your face, at least today. If you have things to deal with, we are here to share your burden. You can trust your loved ones for support. So, just focus on having fun. Eat the biggest birthday cake in history. And make your laugh heart by many. Happy Birthday!

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