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Endless Happiness, Health, And Love – Happy Birthday Video

Endless Happiness, Health, And Love – Happy Birthday

Birthday Balloons Card

Today is very special. It is the day which you were gifted to this world and us. So, I am sending this birthday balloon themed video card to remind you how important you are to us. I am wishing that you, yourself, also get gifted with such happiness and endless love. Happy Birthday!

About Best Wishes Wrapped In Love Happy Birthday Card

When you play this video card, you see that countless pink and white birthday balloons start to fly up and across the screen. As these balloons continue to fly, a large, white text flies along with them, just like another balloon. But the text stops in front of the camera and floats there for a while to let you read it. And it read “Happy Birthday”. The letters of these words also move and turn vertically in their places. But they stay together. However, after a while, the text continues to follow the birthday balloons which are still flying up in the background.

A Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday Video
Right after the white, flying text leaves the frame, the camera focus shifts, and the video gets blurred. Although you still make out that the birthday balloons continue to fly there. But now we see a new text in the foreground. This yellow text delivers some messages. It tells the viewer about how special today is for them, and how they are a gift to us. Then a new text delivers wishes for the viewer to be gifted with happiness as well. Following these wishes, we see a quite interesting birthday cake. Although it is covered with pink icing and rainbow cake sprinkles, we can see that it is a dark chocolate cake inside as we first see just a cut slice of the cake before the camera shows us the rest of the cake.