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Happy Leap Year Birthday Card 1

Happy Leap Year Birthday Card
Happy Leap Year Birthday Images

Happy Leap Year Birthday Card 1 Happy Birthday

Description of Happy Leap Year Birthday Card 1 Birthday Card

This is a VIP happy birthday card with a frog that symbolizing the leap year and Leap Year Birthday. I am celebrating your 29 Feb Birthday on this card. The Super Frog is smiling and saying you Happy Birthday on your Happy Leap Year Birthday. I hope you like this card with Super Frog the hero and a birthday cake picture. I hope you’ll like this Happy Leap Year Birthday card that you can receive once during 4 years.

29 February Happy Leap Year Birthday Card 1

Roman general Julius Caesar introduced the first leap years over 2000 years ago. But the Julian calendar had only one rule: any year evenly divisible by four would be a leap year. This formula produced way too many leap years but was not corrected until the introduction of the Gregorian calendar more than 1500 years later.

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