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Happy Birthday Sexy (Mr Bean)

Happy Birthday Sexy (Mr Bean)
Happy Birthday Sexy (Mr Bean) Funny Card Equivalents
Happy Birthday Sexy (Mr Bean) Funny Card Images

Happy Birthday Sexy (Mr Bean)

Happy birthday to you! I sent you this funny “Happy Birthday Sexy (Mr. Bean)” card to wish a wonderful birthday to you. I wish you many many happy returns. I congratulate your birthday with this “Happy Birthday Sexy (Mr. Bean)” funny card.

Description of the “Happy Birthday Sexy (Mr Bean)” Card

Happy birthday cards with jokes can sometimes contain true words, or what makes them a joke card may be the characters it contains. Like cartoon characters… This card is in the category of funny cards because it contains a Mr. Bean picture. He looks at the camera with his famous look. It has a meaning if you know this character. He is making a face for the person he thinks is very hot. This is kind of sexy look for him. Yes, it does not actually look like it. But, this is Mr. Bean after all, he is a bit unusual after all. Here, he delivers the “Happy Birthday Sexy” message for you.

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