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Chick Girl Happy Birthday Card

Chick Girl Happy Birthday Card for celebrating
Chick Girl Happy Birthday Card Images

Chick Girl Happy Birthday Card

Description of Chick Girl Happy Birthday Card

– This a fun card for the people those who like pin-up style art. Titled as Chick Girl Happy Birthday Card, the design has a background that is made with many gray squares some floral decorative shapes. And you can see the red, cursive style texts that wishes you to “Have a Great Day” and have a “Happy Birthday”. But the main attraction here is, of course, the young lady who stands right next to the text “Happy Birthday”, so close that the tails of the initial letters wrap around her legs. The lady has short blonde hairs and wears high-heeled shoes with a costume that shows her long legs in a way that is typical for this kind of pin-up graphics. She takes a pose where she bends down to blow out the candle on a small birthday cake that she holds in her left hand, while she keeps legs perfectly straight up, impressively.

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