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Happy Birthday Jodie

Happy Birthday Jodie Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Jodie Personalized Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Jodie Card Images

Happy Birthday Jodie Personalized Card

Happy birthday to you Jodie! I wish you a very special day, sending this Happy Birthday Jodie personalized card to you. Dear Jodie, I wish you a bright and beautiful day on your special day. This named card was specially designed for Jodie’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Jodie - 2

Jodie Given Name Meaning & History

GENDER: Feminine, USAGE: English, PRONOUNCED: JO-dee. Feminine variant of JODY. This name is a female diminutive of “Joseph” and a variation of “Judy”, which in turn is a diminutive of “Judith”. It is of Hebrew origin and comes from the following roots: Y’HUDIT and YEHOSEPH. The name Jodie is an American baby name. In American, the meaning of the name Jodie is: Feminine of a nickname for Joseph and Jude. The different meanings of the name Jodie are: 1- American meaning: Praised; Derivative: Short for Joseph.

2- Hebrew meaning: A woman from Judea. The meaning of the name “Jodie” is different in several languages, countries, and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available. The name Jodie can be found as a NOUN in the Quran (the holy book of Islam). It indicates a high old mountain (probably in Turkey now). Second, it is used as Verb as well. The meaning of (Jodie) as a verb revolves around the circle of being generous and the ability to give generously. However, it is also worth pointing out that such a formula of the verb is only used when you talk to women and girls, not men and boys.

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