Personalized Special Cards and Pages

Personalized Special Cards and Pages…


We can customize your page-format greeting cards, if you wish.

Your name and the name of the person you will send the card, can be added to your page-card.


Furthermore, you can send us your own words for your message.


In addition to all these, you can also specify the song will be played on the page.

To do so, simply send us the desired song’s mp3 link.


And even, we can put your message in your own voice, instead of a song.

For this, record your voice message, upload it to a cloud drive and send us the link to your mp3 file.


Everything necessary must be sent us, a week before the birthday.

The infrastructure to ensure you all of these is being prepared.

Each customized message will cost you between 15 and 25 dollars.

Is it worth the person you will send the message; it is for you to decide.


If you want to receive advance information, you can send a private message to the Birthday.Pics Facebook page administrators.

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