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Celebration Giveaway for Our Followers

As “Happy Birthday Pics”, we have been offering birthday e-cards and videos to our visitors for a relatively long time. During this time our social media presence was almost completely on Facebook. Most of our regular followers have been the members of our Facebook page (, which we really appreciate. However, there are other very popular social media platforms that we wanted to offer our content. So, decided to expand our social media presence on a few other platforms as well.

A while ago, “Happy Birthday Pics” has partnered with the “Greetings and Quotes” YouTube channel to offer its visitors special and original videos. As the name suggests, this channel offers greeting videos for special occasions such as birthdays and interesting quotes in a special video form. As this name represents a wider range of the content we create, we will use this branding while growing our online presence. And, we are going to offer more content with our new “Greetings and Quotes” social media pages.

Our Giveaway Competitions for Our Followers

To celebrate our new social media pages, we are hosting a giveaway that is sponsored by the “Greetings and Quotes” YouTube channel and its sister channel, “Home Tips”. We are planning to continue hosting giveaways like this one regularly with various prizes. We will announce these giveaways through our social media accounts. So, if you want to participate in them, you can avoid missing the new giveaways by following us on these platforms. Following us on social media platforms will also increase your chances to win a prize in these giveaways. You can find links to our accounts down here. Below them, you can find the Gleam widget for our giveaway. You can participate in the giveaway by logging in by using your social media accounts and completing the entry methods listed in the widget.

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VEATOOL K6 True Wireless Earbuds Giveaway

This month, we are having a giveaway for a pair of nice wireless earbuds. At the end of this competition, One lucky contestant will win a pair of VEATOOL K6 Wireless Earbuds. Considering that almost all new smartphone models got rid of the old headphone jack, we all need Bluetooth headphones or earbuds now. And VEATOOL K6 can be used with iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and even with your Bluetooth-equipped computers. They work with any device with Bluetooth audio support. They are very easy and quick to pair with your phone like all premium earbuds. You can control your music or phone calls by lightly touching them while they are in your ears. They are also IPX5 level water-resistant, meaning they can be used under light rain or during a sweating workout. Considering they also have a noise-canceling function, you will never want to take them off.

Perhaps the most notable feature of these wireless earbuds is their charging case. This case has a small LED display on it to show you its current charge level. So, you would not need to worry about not knowing if you need to charge your earbuds or not. It allows you to monitor the 30 hours of total playtime this case offers. This case charges the earbuds when you put them inside. And you can charge the case itself with a USB-C cable, which is probably the same as your phone charger cable. But if you are more into wireless technologies, you can also charge these earbuds with a wireless charging pad, because the case supports wireless charging too, making K6 ‘True Wireless’ earbuds.

If all these features made you want these wireless earbuds, you may enter our competition for a chance to win a pair of them. Perhaps you can give them as a birthday gift to a loved one. Or use them yourself. All the ways to enter this giveaway are listed in the Gleam widget below. You will need to log in with your name and a valid email address that we can reach you. This giveaway will run from ‘June 28’ to ‘August 1’, 2021. Then we will pick 1 winner and contact them via email.

In the giveaway widget below, you will see some actions listed. Each completed action gives you a chance of winning. More actions give you more chances of winning. Participating in all actions gives you an extra 10 bonus chances.

If you cannot see the widget, try to open the giveaway page directly;

Veatool K6 Wireless Earbuds GiveawayWireless Earbuds Giveaway