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Volksvag Minibus Hippie Birthday Card

Volksvag Minibus Hippie Birthday Card
Volksvag Minibus Hippie Birthday Card for celebrating
Volksvag Minibus Hippie Birthday Card Images

Volksvag Minibus Hippie Birthday Card

About the Volksvag Minibus Hippie Birthday Card

– Most people love the classic Volkswagen Minibus. This iconic van is often associated with the Hippie culture of the 1960s. However the popularity that this vehicle gained in those years kept it as an icon that you can still see driven around. This birthday card which was named Volksvag Minibus Hippie Birthday Card, features this beloved vehicle in its design, and uses a Hippie theme hinting the history of the van. On the left side, the card shows us a large text that reads “Happy Birthday”. And the letters of these words are stylized in a colorful, almost Hippie-like look, with a large flower next to them. And on the right side of the card, we see a drawing that shows us a Volkswagen minibus. But this minibus painted and decorates with flower patterns to look just like the hippie vans. There is even a peace logo in front. The van seems to be going towards the direction that a road sign tells us it is the way to a party, probably a birthday party. There is even a big ribbon bow tied on the van like it is a birthday gift.

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