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Happy Birthday Kelly

Happy Birthday Kelly Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Kelly Personalized Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Kelly Card Images

Happy Birthday Kelly Personalized Card

Happy birthday to you Kelly! I wish you a very special day, sending this Happy Birthday Kelly personalized card to you. Dear Kelly, I wish a bright and beautiful day to you on your special day. This named card was specially designed for Kelly’s birthday.

Kelly Given Name Meaning & History

GENDER: Masculine & Feminine; USAGE: Irish, English; PRONOUNCED: KEL-ee (English). Anglicized form of the Irish given name CEALLACH or the surname derived from it O Ceallaigh. As a surname, it has been borne by actor and dancer Gene Kelly (1912-1996) and actress and princess Grace Kelly (1929-1982). — Kelly is the anglicized version of an old Irish male name Ceallech which means hermit or cealluir meaning churchyard. The name has long been associated with a ‘steady churchgoer’ or ‘frequenter of churches’ but other etymologists maintain the name comes from an even older word meaning ‘bright-headed’ (presumably referring to a red-head). This name derives from the Irish Gaelic ceallaigh, meaning “one who suffers strife during battle, war, strife, bright-headed, from brilliant mind”. The element “ceall” probably comes from the Gaelic, meaning “church”, with the addition of a diminutive suffix. According to other interpretations it means “bright”, or comes from the word “ceallach” “war”, meaning “warrior”.

In both cases, the etymology is probably also shared by the name Ceallach. Saint Kilian, also spelled Killian (Irish: Cillian), was an Irish missionary bishop and the apostle of Franconia (nowadays the northern part of Bavaria), where he began his labors towards the end of the 7th century. Kelly originates in Irish language and means “intelligent and bright”. It was derived from an old Irish surname and as a surname it functions until today, the famous bearer being Grace Kelly, an American actress and Princess of Monaco. It can also be used as both feminine and masculine given names, nowadays it is more popular for girls. In fact, Kelly has always been one of the most popular feminine given names in the United States. It is also the name of several places in the United States. Famous Kellies: Kelly Brook – model, Kelly Hu – actress, Kelly Lebrock – actress, Kelly McGillis – actress.

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