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Happy Birthday Jude

Happy Birthday Jude Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Jude Personalized Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Jude Card Images

Happy Birthday Jude Personalized Card

Happy birthday to you Jude! I wish you a very special day, sending this Happy Birthday Jude personalized card to you. Dear Jude, I wish a bright and beautiful day to you on your special day. This named card was specially designed for Jude’s birthday.

Jude Given Name Meaning & History

The name Jude has both Feminine and Masculine uses. As a Masculine name; USAGE: English, Biblical; PRONOUNCED: JOOD (English). Origin Latin: Young. This name derives from the Hebrew “Yəhudah”, meaning “praised”. Judas Iscariot was, according to the New Testament, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. He is infamously known for his kiss and betrayal of Jesus to the hands of the chief Sanhedrin priests in exchange for a payment of thirty silver coins. Judah Maccabee was a Kohen and a son of the Jewish priest Mattathias. He led the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire (167–160 BCE) and is acclaimed as one of the greatest warriors in Jewish history alongside Joshua, Gideon, and David.

As a Feminine name; USAGE: English; PRONOUNCED: JOOD. Short form of JUDITH. Origin Hebrew: Praised; a variant of Judah. The Beatles’ smash hit “Hey Jude” was one of the first rock singles to break the standard running time, lasting over seven minutes—yet it still landed in the top spot on the charts in the UK and US. This is a feminine given name derived from the Hebrew name “yehûdı̂yth > Y’hudít”, meaning “he will be praised” or “woman of Judea”. Judith appeared in the Old Testament as the wife of Esau, and in the Apocryphal Book of Judith. The name did not become common until after the Protestant Reformation. The name in the English language was among the top 50 most popular given names for girls born in the United States between 1936 and 1956. Its popularity has since declined. It was the 893rd most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2012, down from 74th place in 1960. Saint Judith of Prussia (Jutta) was born ca. 1200 at Sangerhausen in Thuringia (now Sachsen-Anhalt) and died in 1260 at Kulmsee in the Monastic State of the Teutonic Order. She was a German aristocrat, who became a hermit on the frontier of Prussia and is honored as the patron saint of that region.

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