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Happy Birthday Holly Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Holly Personalized Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Holly Card Images

Happy Birthday Holly Personalized Card

Happy birthday to you Holly! I wish you a very special day, sending this Happy Birthday Holly personalized card to you. Dear Holly, I wish you a bright and beautiful day on your special day. This named card was specially designed for Holly’s birthday. Holly is also a good name to be given to newborn babies.

Holly Given Name Meaning & History

GENDER: Feminine, USAGE: English, PRONOUNCED: HAHL-ee. From the English word for the holly tree, ultimately derived from Old English holen. Origin English: Holy or holly tree; a beautiful seasonal name for girls born at Christmas, and the name of Audrey Hepburn’s memorable character Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is an English given-name that has mostly feminine use. The name derives from the name of the plant, from the Old English word “holen”. Because holly is used as decoration at Christmas, Holly is a name given to girls born around that time or after. Alternate versions include: Hollie, Holli, Holie, and others. According to the United States Social Security card applications in 2009, the name Holly ranked 380th out of the top 500 names chosen by parents for their baby girls, and the 24th most popular girl’s name in England in 2012. — Holly originates in the Old English language and is taken from the name of evergreen trees and shrubs, with red berries. It is typically used as a Christmas decoration and so might be given as a name to girls born around that time. As a feminine given name, it has always been popular in the United States. It functions as a surname as well. Famous Hollies: Holly Hunter – actress, Holly Marie Combs – television actress, Holly Dunn – country singer, Holly Palance – actress. — Holly is from the English vocabulary word signifying the holly tree, an evergreen shrub ornamented with bright red berries associated with winter and Christmastime. The word “holly” comes from the Old English “holegn” and Middle English “holi(n)”. Beginning with the ancient Celts, the holly leaves would be brought into homes as bright and cheerful decorations; they were also considered a symbol of good luck.

Happy Birthday Holly - 2
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About the Happy Birthday Holly Name Card

This is a personalized birthday card with the name Holly, many named cards take place on this website. This is really an elegant birthday e-card for the persons whose name is Holly. I wish you have a very special day and a wonderful birthday party with yummy cakes. Your friends will like this beautiful birthday card with Happy Birthday Holly Personalized Card theme. On this site, you can also find birthday cards and birthday gift ideas for other names outside Holly. I hope that you like this elegant Happy Birthday Holly Personalized Card.

Happy Birthday Holly

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Gift ideas:

If you would like to offer gifts to the birthday child to whom you sent this "Happy Birthday Holly" card, you can also find various gift ideas on this site. From jewels to cars, a wide variety of things can be given as gifts. Of course, remember that with the gift ideas for a man, the gifts to be given to women will be different.
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