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Happy Birthday Hattie

Happy Birthday Hattie Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Hattie Personalized Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Hattie Card Images

Happy Birthday Hattie Personalized Card

Happy birthday to you Hattie! I wish you a very special day, sending this Happy Birthday Hattie personalized card to you. Dear Hattie, I wish you a bright and beautiful day on your special day. This named card was specially designed for Hattie’s birthday. Hattie is also a good name to be given to newborn babies.

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Hattie Given Name Meaning & History

GENDER: Feminine, USAGE: English, PRONOUNCED: HAT-ee. Diminutive of HARRIET. Origin English: Keeper of the hearth, ruler of her household; abbreviation of Henrietta; Teutonic: Ruler of the home. This name derives from the Old High German name “Haimirich”, composed of two elements “*haimaz” (home, house) plus “*rikijaz” (kingly, royal, noble, mighty, distinguished, powerful, rich). The name means “ruler of the home, sovereign of the homeland”. Harry, its English short form, was considered the “spoken form” of Henry in medieval England. Most English kings named Henry were called Harry. At one time the name was so popular for English men that the phrase “Tom, Dick, and Harry” was used to refer to everyone. The most famous patron Henry II (Saint Henry), was Holy Roman Emperor from 1014 until his death in 1024. The last member of the Ottonian dynasty of Emperors, Henry II, succeeded to the German throne following the sudden death of his second-cousin Emperor Otto III in 1002. Henry was born on May 5, 972, the son of Duke Henry II, Duke of Bavaria, and Gisela of Burgundy.

Hattie is a diminutive of Harriet. Harriet is a variant of Henrietta. Henrietta originates in Germanic languages and means “ruler of the house”. It is a feminine form of Henry. Henrietta has been a popular name within royalty over centuries but lately its usage, especially in the United States, has declined. — Hattie is a diminutive of Harriet. Harriet is the English form of the French Henriette which was coined in the 17th century as a feminine diminutive of the French Henri (English: Henry, Harry). The name Henry comes from the Germanic words “haim” meaning “home” and “ric” meaning “ruler, power”. Hence, the meaning of the name Henry (and thus Harriet) is Powerful Ruler of the Home or Mistress of the Home.

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