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Happy Birthday Erik Adam

Happy Birthday Erik Adam Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Erik Adam Personalized Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Erik Adam Card Images

Happy Birthday Erik Adam Personalized Card

Happy birthday to you Erik Adam! I wish you a very special day, sending this Happy Birthday Erik Adam personalized card to you. Dear Erik Adam, I wish you a bright and beautiful day on your special day. This named card was specially designed for Erik Adam’s birthday. Erik Adam is also a good name to be given to newborn babies.

Happy Birthday Erik Adam - 2

Erik Adam Given Name Meaning & History

►► ERIK ►► GENDER: Masculine, USAGE: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, Hungarian, German, Dutch, English. PRONOUNCED: E-rik (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German), E-reek (Finnish, Slovene, Hungarian), AY-rik (Dutch), ER-ik (English). Scandinavian form of ERIC. This was the name of kings of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. King Erik IX of Sweden (12th century) is the patron saint of that country.

►► ADAM ►► GENDER: Masculine, USAGE: English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Georgian, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew. PRONOUNCED: A-dəm (English), A-DAHN (French), A-dam (German, Polish, Arabic), A-dahm (Dutch), u-DAM (Russian), ah-DAHM (Ukrainian). As an English Christian name, Adam has been common since the Middle Ages, and it received a boost after the Protestant Reformation. A famous bearer was Scottish economist Adam Smith (1723-1790). According to Genesis in the Old Testament Adam was created from the earth by God (there is a wordplay on Hebrew (‘adamah) “earth”). He and Eve were supposedly the first humans, living happily in the Garden of Eden until they ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. As a result, they were expelled from Eden to the lands to the east, where they gave birth to the second generation, including Cain, Abel, and Seth. This is the Hebrew word for “man”. It could be ultimately derived from Hebrew ‘adam meaning “to be red”, referring to the ruddy color of human skin, or from Akkadian Adamu meaning “to make”.

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