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Happy Birthday Eleanor

Happy Birthday Eleanor Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Eleanor Personalized Card for celebrating
Happy Birthday Eleanor Card Images

Happy Birthday Eleanor Personalized Card

Happy birthday to you Eleanor! I wish you a very special day, sending this Happy Birthday Eleanor personalized card to you. Dear Eleanor, I wish you a bright and beautiful day on your special day. This named card was specially designed for Eleanor’s birthday.

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Eleanor Given Name Meaning & History

GENDER: Feminine, USAGE: English, PRONOUNCED: EL-ə-nawr. From the Old French form of the Occitan name Aliénor. Among the name’s earliest bearers was the influential Eleanor of Aquitaine (12th century), who was the queen of Louis VII, the king of France, and later Henry II, the king of England. She was named Aenor after her mother and was called by the Occitan phrase alia Aenor “the other AENOR” in order to distinguish her from her mother. However, there appear to be examples of bearers prior to Eleanor of Aquitaine. It is not clear whether they were, in fact, Aenors who were retroactively recorded as having the name Eleanor, or whether there is an alternative explanation for the name’s origin. The popularity of the name Eleanor in England during the Middle Ages was due to the fame of Eleanor of Aquitaine, as well as two queens of the following century: Eleanor of Provence, the wife of Henry III, and Eleanor of Castile, the wife of Edward I. More recently, it was borne by first lady Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), the wife of American president Franklin Roosevelt.

Originated in English and Greek, Eleanor means Shining light. It is a variant of Helen. Thought dignified Eleanor was no longer hip? Well, think again. This stately and regal name, most often associated with philanthropic former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, is seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Perhaps its the inspirational namesake, the abundance of cute potential nicknames (Ellie and Nellie come to mind), its happy meaning of “shining light,” or it’s elegant, yet fresh “old lady” vibe—whatever the case, Eleanor is a name that’s back and here to stay. The origin and meaning are debated, and several possible etymologies have been proposed. The name derives from the Provençal name “Aliénor” which became “Eléanor” or “Eleonore”. Another suggested source may be the Germanic name “Aldenor”, from “aenor”, meaning “old north”. The name may also be ultimately connected with the Arabic name “Nurah”, (Arabic root: n-w-r > nur‎), meaning “light, luminous, radiant, brilliant”; for several centuries, Provençal speakers lived in proximity to the Iberian Arabic-speaking “al-ʼAndalus”, now Andalucía and there is considerable evidence of cultural influences. 1) Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in Western Europe during the high middle ages, a member of the Ramnufid dynasty of rulers in south-western France. 2) Eleanor of Provence (~1223–1291) was Queen consort of England, as the spouse of King Henry III of England, from 1236 until his death in 1272. Considered a saint, although the Catholic Church has never officially announced his cult. 3) Eleanor of Castile († 1244) was a daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castile and Eleanor of England.

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Eleanor most likely originates in the Greek language and means “sympathy, compassion”. Some sources also suggest a Latin origin and the meaning “one who heals”. Eleanor was the name of several queens, as well as princesses. The most famous bearer in history was probably Eleanor of Aquitaine, the queen consort of France and England in the 12th century. More recently, the name was popularized by Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States. Famous Eleanors: Eleanor Abrams – artist, Eleanor Atkinson – writer, Eleanor Boylan – writer, Eleanor Brass – writer.