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Fifth Birthday The Good Dinosaur Card
Fifth Birthday The Good Dinosaur Card Greeting
Fifth Birthday The Good Dinosaur Card, Cards

Fifth Birthday The Good Dinosaur Card

– By choosing the Fifth Birthday The Good Dinosaur Card, I wish a happy birthday, to a baby boy, loving dinosaurs and all animals. Today, a little boy who is brave and eager to experience adventures is turning his fifth birthday. On the brown cake picture on this birthday card, I congratulate this cute boy’s fifth birthday. I wish, all his wishes come true, during his adventurous life.

Description of the “Fifth Birthday The Good Dinosaur” Card

First of all, a light-brown cake appears on the left side of this birthday card. On top of the cake, there is The Good Dinosaur Arlo and his human friend Spot. At the front face of the cake, also a big number “5”, written with stones. On the right side of the card, there is the message of the card: “Happy 5th Birthday!”. The background color of the card is white-green and the card has a dark-green frame, also.

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“The film, The Good Dinosaur follows a young and timid Apatosaurus named Arlo, who meets an unlikely human friend while traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape. The film features the voices of Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Sam Elliott, Anna Paquin, A.J. Buckley, Steve Zahn, Jeffrey Wright, and Frances McDormand. Peterson, who came up with the idea for the story, directed the film until August 2013. In October 2014, Sohn was announced as the new director. The film, alongside Inside Out, marked the first time Pixar released two feature films in the same year. The Good Dinosaur premiered on November 10, 2015, in Paris and was released in the United States on November 25, 2015. The film grossed $332 million worldwide against a $175 million budget. Adding in marketing costs, this resulted in a total net loss of $85 million, causing it to become the first Pixar film to be a box office bomb. (Wikipedia)”

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Fifth Birthday The Good Dinosaur Card

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